Linda Mutti

Plein air painting is my passion. The love of the outdoors and the urgency to preserve it is a driving force. I hope to convey to the viewer of my paintings what I was experiencing while I was painting; the draping of the light across the landscape, the feel of the breeze, the sound of the leaves, the smell of the ocean. The more senses an artist uses, the deeper connection to the painting and the landscape. For me, it is a moving experience to interpret the beautiful scenes before me. I am especially drawn to the light of the early morning and the late afternoon. I am blessed to live and paint in such a beautiful place.

I mainly use pastels. I love the spontaneity and tactile feel of the pastel stick in my hand as it strokes across the paper.

To be part of the OAK Group and share in its mission of preservation is a dream come true.

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