Larry Iwerks

Landscape painting is historically new to the field of picture making. Much of time artists had painted things which one could get their mind around, a small object for example, something that could be held in one’s hands. Coupled with our primordial worry and fear of the forest and land, and combined religious thought that this world was a stepping stone to another- cast the landscape into the background of reasonable thought.

Grateful that times have changed, I consider myself fortunate today to have many friends and acquaintances that share the broader seeking of nature’s ways. The variety of textures from clouds to rocks, the colors of various trees, and the patterns of shrubs climbing hillsides. Finding just how it is that we collectively may preserve many of our natural areas from ruination. And, as we hold hands, thank you to the many patrons who have also supported the “50% to the environment” art presentations. Gracias Mucho!

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