Wildling Museum Honors Oak Group

Dewey-Cachuma delta yellow  tree 12 13 11

Bill Dewey, Cachuma Delta, Yellow Tree, Photograph

Wildling Museum, Solvang
Honors Oak Group with Wilderness Spirit Award for 2013
Exhibition of paintings October 19-January 6, 2014

The Wildling Museum will honor members of The Oak Group with its annual Wilderness Spirit award and will host an exhibition of their paintings and photographs celebrating the Santa Ynez River and its watershed.

Since it was founded in 2000, the Wildling has hosted over forty exhibitions of historic and contemporary artists from all over the United States.

Its mission of celebrating wilderness and raising awareness of the need to conserve natural spaces parallels The Oak Group’s own work to help preserve local lands for wildlife, recreation, ranching, and farming.

The Wildling Museum is collaborating with many groups in order to tell the story of the Santa Ynez River and its biological and cultural importance to the area.

From its source in the Santa Barbara backcountry to Surf Beach near Lompoc, the Santa Ynez River is fed by numerous creeks on its 92-mile journey from east to west.

Steelhead trout in the river are now endangered since three dams divert water for drinking.  Trout population that was once abundant has diminished to around 100 individuals.

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