Sarah Vedder

A Small Marsh
Evening at the Bird Refuge
Water and Hills
Fields and Mountains Near Ojai
Carpinteria Foothills
Big River Marsh

A Small Marsh, 20” x 30”, oil, 2013

Evening at the Bird Refuge, 16” x 20”, oil, 2012

Water and Hills, 24” x 36”, Marin County

Fields and Mountains, Ojai, 24” x 36”, Santa Barbara County

Carpinteria Foothills, 18” x 24”, Santa Barbara County

Big River Marsh, 16” x 20”, Mendocino County

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Evening at the Bird Refuge thumbnail
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Fields and Mountains Near Ojai thumbnail
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I was born in Denver, Colorado at the edge of the prairie, and my earliest memories are of the dramatic landscape and the feelings of awe and pleasure I experienced in it. My academic training in art was during the sixties, when abstract espressionism was popular. With the advent of the environmental movement, and the new awareness that brought to attitudes about nature, my interest turned to landscape painting. I have always retained an interest in abstract art, and I try to maintain a contemporary sensibility allied with the traditional aspects of landscape painting.

It has been very fulfilling to be able to unite my love of nature with my love of art. My goal is to awaken an emotional response in the viewer, and to frame a contemporary vision of our fragile, beautiful planet that helps preserve it.

Born: Dec. 2, 1946
Education: The Colorado College