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Ray Strong
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Plowing and harrowing the earth, that’s my earliest recollection of feeling truly connected with the land. Growing up in Oregon, fishing pole in hand, the movement of the water rushing over boulders as I hopped from rock to rock…that, too, reinforced my sense of oneness. The light in the Northwest landscape, bouncing off form and texture caught me. I wanted the landscape, somehow to grasp it. The eye, the sensation, and the gesture of brush on canvas were my way of capturing it. After my early years in Oregon, I came to California and fell in love with my violinist wife, and with my new state’s rhythmic, rolling hills. I soon discovered that the word “underpainting” stood for what is the guts of a good landscape painter—to sense the richness of the soil and render the geological structure of the land. –Ray Strong

Born in Corvallis, Oregon, January 3, 1905
Died at Three Rivers, California, July 3, 2006
Education: Stanford University;
The Art Students League, New York City