John Iwerks

Porter Trail, SB Botanic Garden
Moonrise, Arroyo Hondo Preserve
Midland School Farm
Arroyo Hondo Canyon spring
East Road, Arroyo Hondo Preserve
JI photo web shot

Cabrillo Boulevard, Santa Barbara, Oil 24"x48"

Porter Trail, SB Botanic Garden, Oil, 24 x 30

Moonrise, Arroyo Hondo Preserve , Oil, 16 x 48

Midland School Farm, Oil, 12 x 16

Spring, Arroyo Hondo Preserve, Oil, 20 x 30

East Road, Arroyo Hondo Preserve , Oil , 16 x 20

Painting 16x20 at Kick-On Ranch

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Porter Trail, SB Botanic Garden thumbnail
Moonrise, Arroyo Hondo Preserve thumbnail
Midland School Farm thumbnail
Arroyo Hondo Canyon spring thumbnail
East Road, Arroyo Hondo Preserve thumbnail
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A striving for composition, color, a “story” or “statement” often influences the subjects that I choose to paint. The lay of the land, its under-the-surface geology, adds to my understanding of the surface gesture and appearance of vegetation patterns and flow of the landscape.

Winds, seasons, textures. The flight of birds. balance, imbalance, gravity, drainage, the ebb and flow of tides and shorelines, interconnectedness of all things. The slow but constant shifting of the Earth’s crustal plates. These all interest and fascinate me, and I think of these things as I paint and sketch.


John Iwerks has long been involved in interesting projects that involve Natural History. He has worked in Exhibits Design and Mural painting for many organizations. These include:

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History – Diorama, Nature Trail illustrations
Channel Islands National Park – Santa Barbara Island Visitor Center
The Nature Conservancy – Carrizo Plain National Monument Visitor Center
Cal State University, Northridge – Geology Mural
Santa Barbara City College Geology Department – Cross-section murals of North America, and of Santa Barbara Channel
City of Laguna Hills Community Center – Prehistory Murals
UCSB Sedgwick Reserve
Ellwood Mesa, Sperling Preserve Donor Recognition Monument in bronze and stone