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Joseph Areno (1950-2006)

Landscape in its purest form and the natural habitats it provides for flora and wildlife seem to be in constant flux, whether affected by climate, land use changes, or the intrusions of Man. As a painter I include cityscapes as well as rural life, the figures of their inhabitants, their drapery and the visual aspects of their cultures in what I do.

All my work is derived from life, from daily activities and experiences. In my work nothing is borrowed or fashioned from photography. I can only make mine that which I grasp and capture through a total commitment to real life experience. Figurative work is the mainstay of my efforts. As I paint, I’ll reach to find the grace of movement that underlies and transcends the vitality in “landscape” work. As this occurs, a breath of life is extended into the “scape” and space. – Joe Areno

Born in Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada, January 17, 1950
Education: Art Students League, New York City;
Santa Barbara City College