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Goleta Pier, September of 2015. Left to Right heads: Arturo Tello, Ray Hunter, Ann Sanders, Mike Enriquez, Thomas Van Stein, Bill Mitchell, Luna, Jeremy Harper, Marcia Burtt, Sarah Vedder, Chris Chapman, John Iwerks, Meredith Abbott, Michael Drury, Manny Lopez, Rick Schloss, Bill Dewey.

"Ray Day" East Camino Cielo, January 3, 2016. Left to right heads: Whitney Abbott, Ray Hunter, Meredith Abbott, Chris Chapman, John Iwerks, Bill Mitchell, Arturo Tello, Jeremy Harper, Bill Dewey. Photo taken by Ann Dewey

Artwalk 2010


The Oak Group at the 2005 Santa Barbara Beautiful awards ceremony. Front: Michael Drury, Michael Enriquez, John Comer, Ray Strong, Arturo Tello and Skip Smith. Back: Hank Pitcher, Chris Chapman, John Iwerks, Karen Foster, Thomas Van Stein, Meredith Abbott, Sarah Vedder, Whitney Abbott, Erika Edwards, Larry Iwerks, Glenna Hartmann, Manny Lopez and Karen Gruszka. Photo by Rick Carter.

The Oak Group at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Summer 2004. Front: Chris Chapman, Whitney Abbott, Meredith Abbott, Bill Dewey, Erika Edwards, Glenna Hartmann, Rick Schloss and Karen Foster. Back: John Iwerks, Skip Smith, Bill Roberts, Larry Iwerks, Mike Enriquez, Ray Strong, Karen Gruszka, Arturo Tello, Michael Drury, Marcia Burtt and Joe Areno. Current members not pictured: Donald Archer, Patricia Chidlaw, John Comer, Manny Lopez, Thomas Van Stein and Sarah Vedder. Photo by Ellen Easton.

The Oak Group at Sedgwick Ranch, January 3, 1997. Front: Larry Iwerks, Don Archer, Ed Hammerberg, Ray Strong, Arturo Tello, John Comer, Hank Pitcher. Back: Skip Smith, Manny Lopez, Marcia Burtt, Whitney Abbott, Meredith Abbott, Glenna Hartmann, Thomas Van Stein, Karen Gruszka, Karen Foster, Bjorn Rye, Erika Edwards, Sarah Vedder, Chris Chapman, and John Iwerks. Current Oak Group members not pictured: Joseph Areno, Patricia Chidlaw, Wm. B. Dewey, Michael Drury, Michael Enriquez, and Rick Schloss.

The Cow Pasture, 1992 – Left to right: John Iwerks, Arturo Tello, Ray Strong, Richard Schloss (standing), Patricia Chidlaw, Thomas Van Stein, Eric Parfit, Manny Lopez, Erika Edwards (seated), Sarah Vedder, Marcia Burtt, Glenna Hartmann (seated), Bubba Geiger


Part of the group at the Guadalupe Dunes, 1988. Left to right, standing, are Jon Wilsher. Donald Archer. Ray Strong, Manny Lopez, Marcia Burtt. and Nancy Noble. Kneeling, left to right, are l nka Edwards, Arturo Tello, and Karen Foster.

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