Gaviota Coast

gaviota 6 west_2
Gaviota Sunrise 10x14 pastel
Low Tide, Gaviota coast
pt concepcion

Chris Chapman, Arroyo Hondo Adobe, 8x10, pastel

Sycamore Group oil, 24 x 36 John Iwerks

Canyon Road, Arroyo Hondo, oil 16 x 20 John Iwerks

Arroyo Hondo Bridge, oil, 12 x 16 John Iwerks

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Gaviota Sunrise 10x14 pastel thumbnail
Low Tide, Gaviota coast thumbnail
pt concepcion thumbnail
Arroyo-Hondo-Adobe-8x10-pastel-501x400 thumbnail
jiwerks-sycamore-602x400 thumbnail
JI-morning-shadows-464x400 thumbnail
Arroyo-Hondo-Bridge-297x400 thumbnail

Gaviota Coast

The last piece of undeveloped coastline in Southern California extends from Eagle Canyon to Gaviota State Beach and outlying coastal canyons flanking Highway 1.  The Gaviota Coast has been a source of inspiration for Oak artists for many years. The portion southeast of Point Conception onstitutes about fifteen percent of Southern California’s coast, yet contains about half its remaining rural coastline. Since 2000, The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County has protected approximately 7,000 acres through agricultural conservation easements in the Gaviota area, working with willing landowners, agencies, and foundations.

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