Ed Hammerberg

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Ed Hammerberg (1899–1998)

I first came to California around 1940, settling in Pasadena, where I met and painted with Duncan Gleason and many other fine artists; but it was not until1954 that I discovered the desert. When I was transferred to China Lake from the Naval Annex in Pasadena, the desert came as a revelation to me — its heat in summer and cold in winter, its deceptive distances and, above all, the challenge of capturing it on canvas.

I want to thank Ray Strong, Larry Iwerks, John Iwerks, Skip Smith, Glenna Hartmann and all my artist friends for their kind support. –Ed Hammerberg

Born in Escanaba, Michigan, July 23, 1899
Education: International Correspondence School;
Detroit School of Applied Art; the Wilbur Wright School in Graphic Illustration