Donald Archer


SAN SIMEON CREEK ROAD PATCHWORK (1601), mixed media on panel, 22½”x30¼”

FIELD RHYTHMS (1602), mixed media on canvas, 24”x30”

TOPA TOPA RHYTHMS (1509), mixed media on panel, 22½”x15”

SAN SIMEON CREEK ROAD PATCHWORK (1601), mixed media on panel, 22½”x30¼”

COAST ROAD #1 (0928), mixed media on canvas, 30”x24”

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Donald Archer
b. Whittier, CA, 1945
Education: U.C. Santa Barbara
BA Fine Arts with Honors, 1967
MFA Painting, 1969


I love nature and being outdoors, but I am not a plein air painter.   Oddly enough, I find painting outdoors is distracting—taking me away from the creative process. I end up ‘copying’ rather than exploring and discovering.

Nature has done it all so well that I am not compelled to ‘compete’ with her beauty, or try to record my visual experience.

The studio is a neutral environment where I concentrate completely on having a ‘dialog’ with the painting—one-to-one—no radio, no music, no distractions.

I create parallel to nature.   I am searching for those qualities that are beneath the surface—both in nature and in me: being, myself, a part of nature.   I want to make the invisible visible.

So what is it I am looking for: Energy, rhythm, power, poetry, the unexpected, the wild—above all…the ‘music’ of life.