Chris Chapman

Grass Mtn Spring 9x12 pastel
Canyon Walls 9x18 wc
Meadowsong 12x17 pastel Chris Chapman
Pleasant Valley 11x14 pastel
December Twilight 9x14 pastel
Painting at Kick-On

Christy's Beach 8x10" watercolor - from Oak Group paint-outs on Santa Cruz Island

Grass Mountain Spring, ~9x12" pastel - conservation easement at Midland School, Los Olivos

Canyon Walls, 9x19" watercolor -Arroyo Hondo Preserve, Gaviota - near and dear former home

Meadowsong, 12x16, pastel - 2014 benefit for the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden's restoration of historic meadow.

Pleasant Valley 11x14" Winter colors frame the White Mountains outside of Bishop

"December Twilight," 9x14 inches, pastel. Sunset profiles of the Gaviota Coast.

Painting at Kick-On

Perched at work for East Sierra Land Trust benefit

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Grass Mtn Spring 9x12 pastel thumbnail
Canyon Walls 9x18 wc thumbnail
Meadowsong 12x17 pastel Chris Chapman thumbnail
Pleasant Valley 11x14 pastel thumbnail
December Twilight 9x14 pastel thumbnail
Painting at Kick-On thumbnail
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Chris Chapman
b. Pasadena, CA, 1950
Education: University of Oregon
Santa Barbara Community College
University of California Santa Barbara

Sometimes inspiration hits me like a bolt of lightning. Sometimes I go to work uninspired, and before long I’m humming, happy, immersed. When the painting seems to flow out of what I take in through my senses, nothing could be more fulfilling. The journey of change in what I seek to express is the only constant. Artists like Ray Strong or Milford Zornes painting into their 100th year personify how I hope to live.

I’m deeply grateful to Oak friends who have inspired me as humanitarians and great painters. Partnering with many esteemed conservation organizations, I’m proud of our team work saving open space and raising awareness of our precious environment.