Bill Dewey

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Bill Dewey (aka Wm. B. Dewey)

Born, Los Angeles, CA

Much of my photography is driven by the lost landscapes of coastal California that I experienced growing up in rural San Diego county that shaped who I am now and how I view the world today. Making photographs is my homage to the places where I have lived most of my life and hopefully a reminder to those who view the images, that the beauty of these landscapes is invaluable and inextricably part of who we are.

I dreamt about flying for as long as I can remember, and when I finally got my pilots license, my eyes were opened to a whole new way of seeing the landscapes that I had been photographing from the ground.  Capturing images from the air is so much just that, with the scenes and compositions flashing by so quickly, that I feel like I am grabbing them out of the air and only when back on the ground are they fully revealed. I never tire of the excitement and anticipation of these revelations.

It was a privilege and joy to have known Ray Strong and his vision and spirit will always be an inspiration to me and my work.